• Welcome To The Life Of Joe Rumore.

    Joe Rumore was an icon on Birmingham Radio for over 40 years. Joe's influence is still being felt as he paved the way for what we hear today. This site is dedicated to the life and memories of one the biggest radio icons, if not the biggest icon, in Birmingham. Join us as we go back and look at the life of Joe Rumore as told and shared by the Rumore family, along with classic photos, airchecks, and personal memories, of an era that defined Birmingham radio.


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    The Joe Rumore Story

    It was 1927 when "Master" Rumore made his radio debut, in the Rumore house. Thus, this started a radio career that spanned 60 years.


    Joe Rumore In Photos

    Photos of Joe, from Christmas cards to family photos, advertisements and more!


    Joe Rumore Audio

    Relive Joe on air, through actual aircheck, advertisements, and newscasts.


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    Joe Rumore: Highlights

    July, 17, 1920

    Joe Rumore was born in Birmingham, AL


    The radio career of Joe Rumore officially starts.

    April, 6, 1948

    Joe marries his wife, Angie

    October, 1948,

    Joe Rumore starts his career at WVOK.

    January 29, 1982

    Joe Rumore makes his final broadcast,
    closing a radio career that spanned 40 years
    covering 4 decades,
    33 years and 3 months at WVOK

    December 20, 1993

    Joe Rumore passes away at the age of 73.





    Joe Rumore: Awards


    Joe Rumore is inducted into the

    Country Music Disc Jockey

    Hall of Fame


    Joe Rumore is awarded the

    Contemporary Achievement

    Media Award, Alabama

    Music Hall of Fame

    October 11, 2012

    Joe Rumore was

    inducted into the University

    Of Alabama School Of

    Communications Hall of Fame